Wanda Lestari’s Story

Wanda, a little girl who always smiles, was a victim of the Yogyakarta Earthquake on 27 May 2006. When the earthquake struck, her house collapsed on her, crushing her foot. Her right leg had to be amputated but she recovered well from the ordeal.

Wanda has a twin named Windi. Both of them are in third grade of elementary school. Wanda and Windi are from a warm family. Their father works as a car painter near their house and has limited income.

Wanda has an assistive device from Pusat Rehabilitasi YAKKUM to replace her amputated right leg. It was not difficult for her to adapt to her prosthesis because of her high motivation and spirit. Her twin sister and her parents always support her. Her prosthesis does not seriously disadvantage her and she can still play with her friends at home and at school. Now that she is growing up, the prosthesis is becoming too small and she must become less reliant on it. Her mother always instructs Wanda not to use the prosthesis when showering or swimming to avoid lasting damage to the limb.