Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat Malang (YPAC Malang)

YPAC Malang is one of 27 YPAC yayasans (Charities) of the same ilk based throughout Indonesia.

YPAC Malang first had contact with New Zealand many years ago when the Jakarta Embassy provided funds to upgrade their kitchen. For many years it dropped off the NZ radar until some two years ago, when a local NZ resident approached The Rehabilim Trust Inc.

The facilities and buildings needed urgent upgrading.

The NZ Embassy in Jakarta lead the way with a substantial grant from the then Ambassador H.E. David Taylor's Head of Mission Fund. The arrival of large quantities of building material made locals curious, and when it was discovered the donor was the NZ Government, locals pitched in and supplied materials to the point where it has now has had a complete makeover.

Rehabilim Trust inc has supplied funds to initiate a Batik manufacturing business for the patients and this has been financially successful. The Rehabilim Trust Inc has supported other aspects of YPAC, and currently one of their staff is the recipient of a Colin McLennan Memorial Scholarship, and will study for a bachelor degree at a local university.

The Director of YPAC Malang is Ibu Endang Haryani, a qualified engineer and a volunteer in her role in the Yayasan.

Endang Haryani is very interested in the rights and the treatment of the disabled. Following a fact finding mission to NZ in March 2016, she  witnessed how NZ treats and accords rights to people with disabilities. Through advocacy for this sector she hopes to create a better future for the disabled in Indonesia.

Review Ibu Endang Haryani's visit to NZ as reported  in the Jakarta Post by Duncan Graham